Lifelong Employability - Thriving in an Ageing Society

Lifelong Employability - Thriving in an Ageing Society

von: Philippa Dengler

Springer Gabler, 2018

ISBN: 9783658246242

Sprache: Englisch

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Lifelong Employability - Thriving in an Ageing Society

Increased longevity means that current structures for employment and retirement in Switzerland are not sustainable. To enable individuals and companies to thrive in our ageing society, changes in our social norms and attitudes about work and ageing need to occur. Philippa Dengler examines what these changes are, and what companies can do to support their employees to take control of their individual employability for a longer life. The practical implications benefit individuals, the companies they work for, and society as a whole.

Philippa Dengler is the managing owner of a bespoke consulting company in Switzerland. She provides advice and support to companies looking to manage change consciously for sustainable results. She conducted this research as part of her MSc in Economic Psychology.